Bathtub Remodel

If you’re ready to improve your mood and optimism significantly, ease your muscles, and get a better night’s sleep, a bath tub replacement might be the right fit. A good bathtub can be the best destination place right within your home to de-stress and get a little quality time to yourself. Are you having issues with plumbing including leaks, rust, and frequent clogs? Or, are you looking for a new bathtub as part of a full bathroom renovation, or as an update to match a recent design home renovation? These are all great reasons to consider this service.

Our replacement bath tubs are done with your safety in mind. Through our complete bath replacement method, we don’t cover up existing issues such as leaks, mold, or mildew but strip down and start from the floor up. Our installers are trained to carefully inspect for these things, and experienced to deal with these issues before your new bathtub is fitted.

It’s often the first question we’re asked: is a full renovation and fixture replacement in order, or can we remodel using some of the existing fixtures? In order to ensure there are no water or mold issues, and that your tub is level and free of cracks, we recommend starting from the ground up when making updates to your bathroom. There are a number of reasons that bathtub replacement is our most popular service. Here are some of the reasons it might be the right fit for you:

  • Cost-effective: The same or less than a liner and shower walls
  • Clean crews: Save yourself the messy do-it-yourself clean up. We clean as we go
  • Quicker fix: No need to have a bathroom that is out of order for weeks. In most cases, this can be done as a one-day service!
  • Safe Plumbing: We investigate potential plumbing issues at the root, installing or clearing your drain and P-trap to stop improper drainage
  • Aesthetic Advantage: No drywall work needed outside bath area
  • Thorough: We do full mold and mildew inspection and removal as part of our process. Our bathtubs are dry fitted, leveled with the drain, and in some cases glued to the floor
  • Safe: Non-porous and absolutely grout free silicon sealing
  • Convenience: Easy to clean and virtually care free
  • Variety: Marble and stone colours. Comes with a variety of tile looks

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, however, one of our other services might be your best choice. You may opt for a bath tub to shower conversion, shower remodel, or a more comprehensive bath room renovation.

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