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Walk In Bath Tubs

Walk In Bath Tubs

While traditional bathtubs can present challenges for seniors and those with physical disabilities, walk-in bathtubs provide simple ease of use so you don’t have to worry about difficult exit and entry, or potential slip and falls. If you’re concerned about bathroom safety, our walk-in bathtubs, equipped with an opening and closing door, can be an ideal solution.

Featuring a wide variety of accessibility additions such as grip bars and non-stick flooring, BathWorx staff is trained and familiar with various models to find the best tailor-made solution for independent living. With American Standards wide range of leisure options, there’s no need to sacrifice the same comfort and luxury that comes with the purchase of any new tub or shower. These include:

Choice of door that opens in or out
Neck rest
Patented quick drain fast water removal system
In-line water heater
Extension kits to fit tubs to wider areas
Multi-coloured LED lighting
Self-cleaning sanitary system
Hand shower slide bar
Aromatherapy options
We also offer a great suite of Hydrotherapy Options including:

Soaker Tub
Air Spa system with all over air bubble massage
Whirlpool System for invigorating muscular therapy
Combo system of both Air Spa and Whirlpool options

When making a large investment like a walk-in tub, using a reputable brand name bath tub makes a big difference. American Standard, our distributor, has built a legacy of quality and innovation that’s lasted 140 years. They’ve created the benchmark for style and performance in the plumbing industry, and feature exclusive innovations that set them apart. Like us, American Standard stands behind their product 100%. Using BathWorX as your professional bathtub installer ensures your installation will be dealt with the same amount of care and attention.